Scam City Season 1 Episode 1 Bueno Aires

Buenos Aires’ sultry climate attracts 10 million tourists a year. Host Conor Woodman sets out to discover the most common scams involving tourists: pickpocketing, clip joints, vice girls, and hotel scams. But the worst is all the counterfeit money.

  1. Czech news agency repeated many of the investigations from the Scam City documentary. Their crew got into similar situations and were sometimes scammed with even worse results.

    • Mark Correia says:

      Now that we know where not to go, are there any large tourists cities that are safe to visit and the police actually enforce the law?

      • Dawn says:

        In the Buenos Aires counterfeit segment, someone told you that they got the couterfeit cash from the police. But then they had a sweep and arrested the nice “Artist”. So – are the police involved or not?

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